9/1/2014 Sarasota,FL Mammatus Clouds

Mature thunderstorm creates amazing mammatus clouds at sunset along Florida SW coast.

8/31/2014 Denison Iowa Tornado Warned Storm and Vivid Lightning B-roll

Tornado warned storm passes over Denison, Iowa on 8/31/2014.

8/31/2014 Wright County MN Storms B-roll

B-roll footage of the severe storm that moved through Wright County, MN with footage of the storm front, lightning and heavy rain form the dash camera.

Clip 1 POV Dash Camera footage of the storms firing while driving on Interstate 94

Clip 2-3 Storms firing with the first Meso on the Stearns County and Wright County line.

8/31/2014 Lawrence Kansas Street Flooding B-roll

Lawrence, Kansas was rocked buy heavy rain fall on Sunday, August, 31, 2014 from a Squall Line that formed out in central Kansas earlier in the day. There was major flooding at the intersection of 23rd St. (K-10) and Ousdahl Rd. Cars and truck drove through the intersection like a normal day. There was also a medium sized tree limb that was down in one of the neighborhoods.

8/31/2014 Kansas Severe Weather B-Roll

New footage from Brandon Ivey of the storms in north central Kansas.

1) Thunderstorm updraft with rising scud and slow rotation.

2) Funnel cloud with rapid upward motion, but relatively slow rotation.

3) Storm base shot on severe thunderstorm.

4,5) POV shots driving in heavy rain and strong thunderstorm winds.

8/29/2014 Sarasota, FL Rain And Beach

Good chance of pop-up thunderstorms along the SW Florida coast as the last holiday weekend of summer begins. Rain, sun, tropical popup storm clouds, and beach shots along Sarasota Bay and Lido Beach in Sarasota FL.

8/24/2014 Benton County, MN Damaging Tornado & Aftermath B-Roll

Video footage of the damaging tornado that touched down in Northern Benton county Minnesota. The tornado developed quickly and did damage to homes,barns,trees and power structure in the rural area southeast of Little Rock township.


1. Developing meso on a newly forming supercell.

2. Wall cloud with wild rotation and a brief needle funnel cloud near hwy 25

8/24/2014 Benton County, MN POV Tornado B-Roll

Quick POV shot of the Tornado that touched down in northeast Benton County, MN.


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