1/21/2015 Amarillo Texas Heavy Snow Winter Storm B-Roll

As of 11PM, 8" of snow has been reported in Amarillo and heavy snow continues to fall!

Shot List

1) Interstate 40 sign in Amarillo as a snow plow passes by.

2) Zoomed in shot on snow plow while passing.

3) Tracking shot of snow plow clearing interstate 40.

4) Tracking shot on snow plow scooping up snow.

1/21/2015 Raton New Mexico Snow B-Roll

Snow continues to fall over northeast New Mexico into the Texas Panhandle. This video package highlights the snowfall along the front range and the snowfall in and around Raton/Raton Pass.

Shot List

1) A truck stuck along interstate 25 north of Raton, New Mexico.

1/21/2015 Clayton New Mexico Snow Storm B-Roll

Early footage of the snow storm expected to impact northeast New Mexico. Video was shot in and around Clayton, New Mexico, where over a foot of snow accumulation is possible by Thursday.

Shot List

1,2) Shots of a truck and horse trailer that slide off highway 412 northeast of Clayton, NM. The trailer detached from the truck in the accident.

1/21/2015 Grand Rapids, MI Heavy Clipper Snow, B-Roll

The second in a series of clipper systems to effect West Michigan produced light freezing drizzle, followed by moderate to heavy snow at times, making for a standard slow-going morning commute. Video consists of traffic, heavy snowfall rates at times, and snow/slush-ridden road conditions during the mid-morning hours. All recorded within the city limits of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

1/20/2015 Saint Cloud MN Clipper System Snow B-Roll

The clipper system moving through the upper Midwest moved through central Minnesota with snow fall that made for slick roads on Tuesday evening during the overnight hours.

Clip 1 Saint Cloud (STC) MN Police at the scene of VOR (Vehicle Off Road) at Highway 23 and 9th Avenue in downtown STC.

Clip 2 Towing company on the scene cleaning up the debris in the roadway.

1/12/2015 Minneapolis, MN Sub Zero Morning.

Another brutal cold morning with temps in the Twin Cities metro area dropping to -10F.

Clip 1 Skyline of Minneapolis, MN over lake Calhoun, with a fish house in the foreground.

Clip 2 - 3 Bank time and temp showing -10F  

Clip 4 Woman in downtown Minneapolis looking really chilly with a big hat and coat.

Clip 5 People walking in the cold in downtown Minneapolis.


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