2/5/2014 Purdue University Snowy B-Roll

Filmed in the Lafayette, IN region in Purdue University and surrounding Tippecanoe County.

Scene 1: An INDOT snowplow pulls a smaller snowplow out of a snow bank.

Scene 2: A man with a snow blower clears the sidewalk with American flag in background.

Scene 3: Purdue University sign with light snow fall.

2/4/2014 Dayton, OH Winter Storm B-Roll

Powerful winter storm slams the Ohio Valley slowing travel to a crawl as roads and highways are covered in deep snow. Dayton, OH is especially hit hard with near white out conditions, stranded motorists, and exposed pedestrians.


1. motorists driving in hazardous conditions at night on Interstate 70 in Dayton, OH with heavy snow falling and deep snow accumulation on road

2/4/2014 Cincinnati, OH Ice Storm B-Roll

Strong winter storm strikes the nation's Heartland, especially the Ohio Valley. Cincinnati is hit hard with heavy snow on it's North side, heavy sleet in downtown, and freezing rain on the south side. The mix of wintry conditions has made travel dangerous and accumulations of glaze ice on powerlines and trees causes serious problems with utilities in the region.


2/5/2014 Tippecanoe County, IN Winter Storm B-Roll.

Accumulation reaches 6"+ around Tippecanoe County, Indiana as road crews continue working into the morning.

Scene 1: Snow Emergency route sign with traffic.

Scene 2: Snow Emergency route sign, wide shot with no traffic.

Scene 3: Snow plow with bright lights drives through snow covered downtown Lafayette, IN.

Scene 4: Snow plow with Wind Turbines in back ground.

2/4/2014 Kansas City Metro Area Evening Winter Storm B-Roll

Kansas City Metro was hit by a large snow storm on Tuesday, February 4, 2014. The snow continued into the evening hours causing havoc along Interstate 435 west bound on the on ramp from State Line Rd. along with friends hanging out in coffee shops in the River Market area just north of Downtown Kansas City.

2/4/2014 Ina, IL Interstate 57 Closure Due To Numerous Wrecks

The snow and ice cleared out of southern IL mid-evening after leaving behind up to 7-inches of snow in places. However, the evening roads were less than ideal for travel with many spin-ups and major accidents, including one that shut down I-57 for over two hours just south of Ina, IL (10 miles south of Mt. Vernon).

2/4/2014 Wichita, KS Winter Travel Nightmare Slide Offs and Dig Outs

Snow was still falling Tuesday evening across the Wichita metro area. Slide offs and wrecks were common during the evening commute home from work. Now that the snow is winding down, crews are out digging out.

Shot List

TRT 3:18

1) A shot of a black SUV stuck in a ditch.

2) A tow truck driver getting ready to hook up to the SUV in heavy snow and strong winds.

2/4/2014 Washington County IL Stranded Motorists B-Roll

Severe winter conditions make a mess out of I-64 west of Mt. Vernon in Washington County, Illinois. Mt. Vernon is about an hour east of St. Louis.


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