5/21/2014 Bennett, CO Hail Storm On Llamas B-Roll

 A lone, HP supercell storm formed over Denver prompting tornado warnings and a few brief rain-wrapped tornado reports. Large hail was also a problem along with heavy rain as the storm pushed near the airport out east of Denver toward the Bennett area where this video package was shot.

Scene 1: POV approach shot from I-70 of wall cloud before storm became rain-wrapped.

5/20/2014 Denver, CO Tornado Warned Supercell and Extreme Hail B-Roll

Footage of tornado-warned supercell with rotating wall clouds, large damaging hail, mesocyclone structure, and frequent lightning near Denver, CO on third day of severe weather for the High Plains.

All footage from afternoon/evening during daylight from May 20, 2014 near Denver, CO

Shot List:

5/20/2014 Last Chance, CO Hail storm piled up like snow

Brandon Sullivan was in Last Chance Colorado to document the severe storms today.  The hail he encountered looked more like snow piled up on the ground then hail from a thunderstorm.
Shot 1: Shows hail impacting a gas station parking lot.

Shot 2: Shows a tighter shot of a truck being hit by hail.

Shot 3: Shows a motorcyclist being hit by large hail.

Shot 4: Shows large hail falling.

5/19/2014 Chappell, NE Monster Supercell Hail & Gustnado

Footage of monster striated supercell thunderstorm producing damaging baseball-sized hail, severe high winds, large gustnadoes, and a haboob along Interstate 80 in western Nebraska in/near the towns of Chappell & Kimball, NE. Large baseball & tennis ball size hail shatters car windshield in Chappell, NE. Haboob & gustnadoes from severe winds make driving dangerous on I-80.

5/18/2014 Scottsbluff, NE Tornado

A supercell thunderstorm evolved near Scottsbluff Nebraska moving as slow as 20 mph and possibly producing a brief but interesting high based tornado.

Scene 1: A timelapse shows the evolution of the storm as it strengthens just East of Scottsbluff.

Scene 2: A large funnel emerges from the base of the storm.

Scene 3: The funnel continues as we drive towards the storm.

5/18/2014 Wyoming Insane Hail Storm & Funnel Cloud B-Roll

ntense footage of damaging, wind-driven baseball-sized hail pounding car & location from incredible low precipitation supercell (LP Supercell) with cone funnel cloud southwest of Newcastle, WY. Winshield is shattered by baseball-sized hail and footage of tumbleweeds, hail, & debris blown at high velocities past vehicle.

5/18/2014 Grand Rapids, MI Spring Flowers Bloom B-Roll

After the brutal winter in the Upper Midwest, spring has finally arrived with the May Flowers in Grand Rapids, MI.
VO of Lilac trees, Wild Cherry, Maple, and Filbert trees in bloom, coupled with shots of sunny conditions in West Michigan (Grand Rapids, MI specifically). Temperatures in the upper 50\'s when this was shot.

5/14/2014 Danville, AR Petite Jean River Flooding B-Roll

River flooding and flash flooding continues over areas of Arkansas following 2nd day of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Footage of flooding and flood damage caused by the Petite Jean River and its tributaries near Danville, AR. Roads, cattle, ranches, and farmland are flooded and threatened by the area flooding.

All shots during daylight on morning of May 14, 2014 in or near Danville, AR

5/12/2014 Whitewater, WI Flooding B-Roll

More than 5 inches of rain has fallen today in Whitewater, Wisconsin.


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