6/3/2014 Howard County Nebraska Tornado Warning B-Roll

HP Supercell thunderstorm was tornado warned from Valley County to Howard County.  Video is from the chase from Ord to Saint Paul, Nebraska.

1) A funnel cloud over north-central Nebraska with lightning.

2) Driving east, south of the tornado warned storm with confirmed tornadoes in Howard County, Nebraska.

3,4) Dust spinning up under rotating clouds in Howard County, Nebraska.

6/3/2014 Broken Bow, NE 2 Inch Hail Storm B-Roll

Storms that developed across southwest Nebraska later in the evening became prolific hail producers. One storm crossed Nebraska State Rt. 2 a few miles southeast of Broken Bow dumping mostly 1-1.5\" hail, but maxed out at 2.25\" with one of the largest stones found in a hole in the ground just off the highway.

6/3/2014 Taylor, NE Severe Storms B-Roll

A large outbreak of severe weather tore across Nebraska on Tuesday with several tornadoes reported, and many reports of high winds, hail, and damage. One storm erupted over western Nebraska and moved into Loup County where an unconfirmed tornado was reported by emergency management near Taylor where this video was shot.

6/3/2014 Burwell In the tornado circulation B-roll

Clip of driving in tornado in Burwell Nebraska
Just past half way into clip you can see the condensation funnel building around my car on the road, I was dead center in the tornado as it was increasing power. For the most part this is unedited video except for one cut.

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June 3rd, 2014 Live Video Blog

Today we have several of our chasers out in the Nebraska area where a tornado watch is in place this afternoon. Below are the live video previews from our Youtube Live setup.

Ben McMillan Live Feed.

Brandon Clark

6/1/2014 Asland, KS Flooding & Hailstorm B-Roll

During the afternoon hours of June 1st,2014 a strong storm system formed in west central Kansas area and moved east across the state.

6/1/2014 Dodge City, KS Storm Damage, Flooding, Hail & Dust Storm

Footage of utility lines downed by high winds from a powerful microburst associated with a severe thunderstorm producing heavy hail and rainfall south of Dodge City, KS. Also, footage of severe erosion from flash flooding south of Dodge City, KS from these thunderstorms. Also, footage of hail, high winds, lightning, and horses trying to escape the coming severe thunderstorm.

6/1/2014 Clark County Kansas Hail Storm and High Winds B-Roll

A severe thunderstorm on the tail end of a squall line in Kansas produced large hail and over 70mph winds in southwest Kansas. Numerous power poles were reported down and some communities were left in the dark Sunday night due to the power outages.

1) Storm base shot.

2,3) Driving towards a severe thunderstorm with blowing dust ahead.


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