6/11/2014 Sarasota, FL Beach Storm B-Roll

HD video. A SW flow causes reverse seabreeze where storms form in morning along the coast and move inland by afternoon. This is the reverse of the typical SE flow pattern where storms form inland then move to the coast in the afternoon. The morning storms caught some Siesta Key Beach goers by surprise and sent them scurrying for cover to take shelter from wind driven rain and lightning.

6/10/2014 Wyoming Severe Storms B-Roll

Severe thunderstorms developed over northeast Wyoming on Tuesday evening producing reports of hail and strong winds.

Shot List

1) A severe thunderstorm with a cloud to ground lightning strike.

2) Storm chasing tour guests watching a storm as lightning strikes in the distance.

3) Ominous looking clouds overhead.

4) Updraft base on a severe thunderstorm.

6/8/2014 Clayton and Raton, New Mexico Hail and Dust Storm

Restricted from the Wichita, Kansas Market, Other Networks
Description: Severe weather struck portions of New Mexico producing accumulating hail and strong winds. The first portion of this video is in Clayton, NM and the last portion of the video was shot near Raton, NM. See description below for specific location.

Shot List

1,2,3,4) Hail falling in Clayton, New Mexico.

6/8/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights

A powerful G2 Class Geomagnetic Storm impacted the earth overnight and created a vivid display of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights over central Minnesota.

This time lapse footage was shot between 3 AM and 4 AM just after the moon had set and before civil twilight that starts just after 4 AM

6/7/2014 Roswell NM Mothership Supercell & Lightning B-Roll

On the afternoon of June 7, 2014 a strong supercell thunderstorm formed north of Roswell, NM. The storm had rotating structure visible from several miles away from the storm\'s core.

Shot 1- Panning shot of structure

Shot 2- Timelapse of mesocyclone

Shot 3- Structure shot

Shot 4- Wall cloud

Shot 5- Wall cloud timelaspe

Shot 6- Dust swirl

6/7/2014 Roswell, NM Huge Hail Supercell Thunderstorm

Footage of massive 4 inch diameter hail, intense close lightning strike, & awesome striated, mother-ship, tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm as it passed north of Roswell, NM. An area known for UFO\'s experienced a once-in-a-lifetime \"mothership\" supercell thunderstorm.

All shots during daylight on June 7, 2014 near Roswell, NM
Shot List:

6/6/2014 Montezuma, KS Twin Funnels, Damage

Severe storms erupt across Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas.  Numerous storms erupted across southwest Kansas later in the evening leading to isolated tornado reports, wind damage, and hail.  One storm prompted tornado warnings near Garden City and later moved east of the town, leading to funnel clouds, a couple brief touchdowns, and damaging power lines at Highway 56 and 17-Road.


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