6/21/2014 Mt. Rushmore And South Dakota Badlands Lightning B-Roll

Lightning footage over the famous Mt. Rushmore and lightning over the Badlands in Western South Dakota.

Time Code: 00:00 - 56:00 Footage starts out with several clips of lightning filling the sky behind the world famous Mount Rushmore Monument to the west of Rapid City, SD.   

00:56 - 02:55 Various clips of lightning over the South Dakota Badlands.  Shots of cloud to ground lightning.

6/21/2014 Kearsey, Colorado Hail Damage

1. Weld County Tornado warned cell bottom of storm
2.      Driving in Hail and rain near Kersey Colorado Weld County
3.      Small hail piled on side of road near Kersey Colorado
4.      Close up of pea size hail along road Kersey Colorado
5.      Closeup of pea size hail
6.      Damaged Onion Field shows onion stalks damaged

6/20/2014 Milwaukee, WI Maritime Airmass

A cold frontal passage in Milwaukee leads to on shore winds bringing a thick fog filled maritime air mass on land which lowers temperatures 20 degrees from lower 80\'s to lower 60\'s.

Shot 1: A ship sets sail from Milwaukee

Shot 2: Close-up of ship departing

Shot 3: Milwaukee Art Museum

Shot 4: Milwaukee Art Museum slow zoom out

6/18/2014 Tornado that tracked from Alpena, SD to just southwest of Huron, SD

A tornado formed just south of Alpena, SD and tracked all the way to southwest of Huron, SD before lifting up and missing any homes or towns.

Video is over 10 minutes long and covers several cameras from the full life cycle of the tornado as it was forming to as it roped out.

Clip 1 Lightning and the wall cloud forming

Clip 2 Lightning and the meso

6/18/2014 Alpena, SD Damaging Tornado

Damaging tornado outbreak in South Dakota: footage of \"Wizard of Oz\" like rope tornado near town of Alpena, SD, which originated from a large stovepipe-shaped tornado. Also, footage of 2 tornadoes simultaneously near Alpena, SD.

All shots during evening daylight on June 18, 2014 near Alpena, SD.

Shot List:

6/18/2014 Wessington Springs, SD Damaging Tornado

A tornado developed south of Wessington Springs, South Dakota and unfortunately tracked into the town of Wessington Springs. We did search and rescue for about an hour, pulling several people from their homes. Everyone I know at this appoint is accounted for and okay. Before we left town, I took a few minutes to shoot a few shots of the damage.

6/18/2014 Hyde County, South Dakota Tornadoes

Brandon Ivey got two tornadoes develop in South Dakota. The first tornado is a small cone tornado that lasts only a minute or so. The second tornado grows into a large cone and does damage to a farmstead.

6/17/2014 Coleridge, NE Extremely Massive Tornadoes

Footage of violent wedge tornado near Coleridge, NE & rope tornado near Hartington, NE. Intense tornado causing damage.

All shots during daylight on afternoon/evening of June 17, 2014 near Coleridge, NE

Shot List:


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