6/6/2014 Montezuma, KS Twin Funnels, Damage

Severe storms erupt across Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas.  Numerous storms erupted across southwest Kansas later in the evening leading to isolated tornado reports, wind damage, and hail.  One storm prompted tornado warnings near Garden City and later moved east of the town, leading to funnel clouds, a couple brief touchdowns, and damaging power lines at Highway 56 and 17-Road.

6/6/2014 Garden City, KS Hail and Tornado Warning

A tornado warned storm produces hail and a wall cloud near Garden City, Kansas. Then the storms line out and produce a gust front east of Garden City along with strong winds.

Shot List

1) Hail falling and bouncing off a dirt road.

2) Hail bouncing falling on a Kansas highway.

3) Hail falling on dirt road. Wider shot.

6/6/2014 Ft. Morgan, CO Tornado

Ft. Morgan, CO landspout tornado.

6/4/2014 Missouri Lightning Storms Nebraska Storm Crash

Footage of incredible close anvil crawler lightning blowing-up the early morning sky over St. Joseph, MO & traveler trapped in Interstate 80 median near Lincoln, NE after hydroplaning on slick wet highway during heavy thunderstorms pounding the region with high winds, hail, and heavy rainfall.

6/3/2014 Saint Paul, NE Tornado warned overnight extreme hail storm B-Roll

A tornado-warned storm swept over St. Paul, Nebraska after dark with winds of nearly 70mph and golfball-sized hail. This storm hit the town of St. Paul, which is 25 miles north of Grand Island.

Scene 1: Dash cam shot of gas station in high winds resembling a hurricane as a pickup truck leaves.

Scene 2: Handheld shot zoomed in on pickup truck under gas station.

6/3/2014 Howard County Nebraska Tornado Warning B-Roll

HP Supercell thunderstorm was tornado warned from Valley County to Howard County.  Video is from the chase from Ord to Saint Paul, Nebraska.

1) A funnel cloud over north-central Nebraska with lightning.

2) Driving east, south of the tornado warned storm with confirmed tornadoes in Howard County, Nebraska.

3,4) Dust spinning up under rotating clouds in Howard County, Nebraska.

6/3/2014 Broken Bow, NE 2 Inch Hail Storm B-Roll

Storms that developed across southwest Nebraska later in the evening became prolific hail producers. One storm crossed Nebraska State Rt. 2 a few miles southeast of Broken Bow dumping mostly 1-1.5\" hail, but maxed out at 2.25\" with one of the largest stones found in a hole in the ground just off the highway.


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