3/25/2015 Sand Springs OK Tornado as it goes over the river.

3/25/2015 Sand Springs OK Tornado as it goes over the river.  New extraordinary footage of the Sand Springs, OK Tornado going over the river with power flashes as it hits power lines. 


3/25/2015 Sand Springs & Tulsa Oklahoma Tornado

New extraordinary footage of the tornado hitting Sand Springs, OK from Brandon Ivey as he starts to get chased by the tornado as it moved southeast into Tulsa.

Clip #1-#4 - Shots of the tornado that developed out northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Clip #5 - Clouds over Tulsa with a tornado warned storm.

3/25/2015 Brandon Ivey Storm Chase LIVE DVR

DVR of Brandon Ivey live feed while covering the severe weather Wed 3/25/2015 that produced the tornado that hit Sand Spring, OK and moved into Tulsa, OK.

3/25/2015 Denver, CO Spring Snow Storm.

A Spring snow storm in Denver, CO  kills early Tulips and other flowers as it makes for tricky driving and working conditions for those outside.

Scene 1-6: Blooming flowers in snowfall

Scene 7: Budding Tree

Scene 8-10: Construction workers in the morning snow

Scene 11: Temperature sign

Scene 12: Man waiting for bus

Scene 13-15: Traffic

3/24/2015 Lawrence County Missouri Severe Storms

Severe thunderstorms developed around 4:00 PM over far southeast Kansas and tracked across southwest Missouri producing reports of severe hail.

Shot List

1) A van driving in heavy rain and wind.

2) A tail cloud feeding into a high based supercell which was severe thunderstorm warned.

3,4) Shot of a van driving in small hail, heavy rain, and wind.

3/24/2015 Southwest Missouri Storm Chase LIVE Archive

Live GPS tracking:  http://goo.gl/aOHdeL

Live feed from Robin Lorenson from Southwest Missouri where Severe Thunderstorm Watch #0005 was just issued.


3/22/2015 Minnesota Winter Storm Travel Hazards

A late season winter storm hit southern Minnesota hard with up to eight inches of snow in the Twin Cities south metro to Fairbault, MN. Footage includes a wide range of shots form wrecks, snow plows and aircraft DE-icing.

** Location of Clips 1 - 16 Near Fairbault, MN. **

Clip 1 Sign warning about the major storm and to reduce speed.

3/18/2015 Carmi, IL Little Wabash River Flooding

River flooding continues across southern IL as tributaries of the Ohio River combined with the recent rains are causing several rivers in the region to overflow. The Little Wabash River, a tributary to the also flooding Wabash River which separates Illinois and Indiana, has been on the rise steadily since nearly 5-inches of rain fell in the region over the previous weekend.


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