7/14/2014 Minneapolis, MN Cold Temps B-Roll

Unseasonably cold weather blankets the midwest today with lunch time temps in the Twin Cities only in the Upper 50s with highs in the lower 60s for the day.  It feels more like an Early October day then the middle of July.

Footage shot around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, MN.

Clip 1 Skyline shot over the water from Lake Calhoun

7/12/2014 Urbana, IL Flood & Dixon, IL Wall Clouds

Package includes early afternoon flooding from Urbana, Illinois and wall cloud/funnel cloud from near Dixon late afternoon/early evening.

PART 1: Urbana, IL Early Afternoon Flooding
(timecode 0:00-3:55)

7/12/2014 West Branch, IA Funnel Cloud

A supercell thunderstorm formed near Iowa City, Iowa and moved East along Interstate 80 and produced a funnel cloud for a few minutes.

Scene 1: Funnel quickly appears near West Branch, Iowa

Scene 2: Funnel persists at half way down

Scene 3: Funnel dissipates slowly

Scene 4: Storm structure over open corn fields

7/12/2014 Eastern Iowa Storm Chase Live

Live stream of eastern Iowa Storm Chase.

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7/9/2014 InfraRed Lightning Footage Experiment - Pawnee National Grassland CO

Infrared Light Video and Visible Light Video of Lightning.

This video is not a chase video that you would normally see form us. This is footage from an experiment using two different cameras Side By Side

Camera 1 is a heavily modified camera that is able to shoot in Infrared and Ultra Violet light wave lengths to be able to pick up what the human eye can not see.

7/10/2014 Raleigh, NC Road Flooding

Heavy rains in North Carolina bring minor street flooding.

1.  Normally dry stream bed raging with water
2-7. Cars driving through flooded roadway
8.  Side street covered in water


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