9/20/2014 Willmar, MN Severe Thunderstorm B-Roll

For much of the afternoon, severe storms marched through the central part of the state of Minnesota from the North Dakota and South Dakota Boarder.  

The footage in this package was shot just north of the City of Willmar, MN as the severe storm moved through the area.   The high winds and pea sized hail ripped down a lot of the early fall colors from the tree's in the area.

9-20-2014 Sargent County, ND Tornado Warned Storms

Video package highlighted the tornado warned severe storms this early afternoon in NE North Dakota and NE South Dakota.

Video footage includes:
1) Well structured and organized leading edge shelf cloud near the ND/SD border.

2) Developing wall cloud on tornado warned storm just north of Havana, ND.

3) severe storm POV with local traffic escaping the damaging hail.

9/19/2014 East Central Minnesota Early Fall Color Burst

Video Package highlighting the New & Early Bursting Fall Colors that have really began to show their glory in central and northern Minnesota!

Video Package Includes:

1. Blazing Colorful Maple Ridge-line on the edge of a prairie savanna near Elk River Minnesota.

2. Fire Blazing Red and Crimson Sugar Maple Tree foliage at maximum peak swaying in the wind.

9/18/2014 Phoenix, AZ Sky Harbor Locked Down, Behind Security Check Point

Footage form inside Phoenix, AZ Sky Harbor Airport beyond the security check point while waiting to fly back after chasing the remnants of Hurricane Odile in southeastern Arizona on Wednesday.

One of the busiest airports in the country was locked down Thursday afternoon due to a Tempe, AZ  shooting prompted a pursuit that led to the airport.

9/18/2014 Tropical Storm Odile Flash Flooding in Southeast Arizona.

The remains of what was Hurricane Odile moved into southeastern Arizona this afternoon and caused flooding in several communities.  

The footage is from the town of Pima, AZ in the first part of the video from the start to 1;24;00. and the second part of the video from 1;24;00 to end is from around the area of Whetstone, AZ.

Clip 1, Road sign warning of flooding in the town of Pima, AZ

9/10/2014 Duluth, MN Lake Superior Gale Warning Huge Waves - B-Roll

As the much colder weather moves into the region, it is bringing along with it some extreme winds that are creating Gale Force Winds which are equivalent to tropical storm force winds.

9/9/2014 Northwest Missouri Tornado Warning Supercell B-Roll

Northwest MIssouri went under a tornado watch in the early to late afternoon of Tuesday, September 9, 2014. My initial target was Rock Port, MO off on Interstate 29.

1. Driving shot of structure and lightning on Highway C in Atchison, County MO south of Maitland, MO.

2. Driving shot of structure and lightning on Highway C in Atchison, County MO south of Maitland, MO.

Thayer County, Nebraska Tornado Warned Storm

1,2) A semi truck driver tries to navigate the highway through strong thunderstorm winds.

3) POV shot driving through strong winds and small hail.

4) Rain foot on a tornado warned thunderstorm showing the strong outflow winds.

5) Updraft base on a tornado warned storm in Thayer, County Nebraska.

6) Strong winds at the Kansas/Nebraska border.

9/8/2014 Mesa, AZ Extreme Flash Flooding Footage.

New extreme footage from the evacuation area in Mesa, AZ where over 100 homes were impacted by flooding after the rain stopped.  

After the record breaking rain moved out of the Phoenix, AZ area, the flooding just begun to get worse for the City of Mesa, AZ which is located just east Phoenix, AZ.


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