4/19/2015 Malvern, AR Supercell B-Roll

Footage of ominous rotating wall cloud, dramatic close lightning strikes, hail, and double rainbow near Malvern, AR. Supercell thunderstorms caused a big day of severe weather over the Southern Mississippi Valley Region and Texas.

4/18/2015 Sumner County, Kansas Supercell

1,2,3) A supercell entering Sumner County Kansas.

4) Rotation in wall cloud.

5) Wide angle shot of supercell.

6) Wall cloud with lightning strike.

7) Supercell with lightning.

8,9) Wall cloud ingesting scud clouds.

10) Mesocyclone shot.

4/18/2015 Vici, OK Large Hail and Vivid Lightning

Footage of large hail splashing in water, accumulating on roadway, close lightning strikes, and severe thunderstorm near Vici, OK.
A third day of severe weather strikes the Southern Great Plains creating large damaging hail and tornadoes.

4/17/2015 Finney County, KS Severe Storm

Footage of severe supercell thunderstorm in Western Kansas; huge ground-scraping wall cloud and double rainbow with hail falling. Second day of severe weather strikes the Southern Great Plains producing severe thunderstorm with tornadoes, hail, and high winds.

4/17/2015 Last Chance CO Funnel Cloud

B-roll footage of the funnel cloud near Last Chance, CO.

Various shots of the funnel cloud from tight to wide.

Timelapse footage starts at 2:13 to the end of the package

4/17/2015 Thomas County, KS Tornado, Funnel and Hail Storm

Low-topped supercell storms developed in a high-shear/low instability environment in western Kansas Friday evening leading to many storms producing hail, high winds, funnels, and even a couple of tornadoes.

4/17/2015 Morgan County Colorado hail & wall cloud B-Roll

B-Roll footage from Morgan County, Colorado of the hail and wall cloud.

Pea size hail piles on road
Hail near house southwest of Fort Morgan Colorado
Hail covering roads southwest of Form Morgan
Wall cloud forms on storm heading towards Fort Morgan Colorado

4/16/2015 Sayre, OK Tornado B-Roll

Shot 1 is a tornado ongoing near Sayre, OK. View is north from i40, west of Sayre, OK.

Shot 2 is from another camera, of the same tornado ongoing near Sayre, OK.

Shot 3 is a landspout near Groom, TX.

Shot 4 is a dusty tornado near Panhandle, TX.

4/16/2015 Groom, TX and Sayre, OK Tornadoes

Footage of a multivortex tornado at close range 4 miles east of Groom, TX and a cone tornado West of Sayre, OK, and baseball and golfball sized hail near Reydon, OK. A tornado outbreak struck the Southern Great Plains along with destructive hail and high winds.

4/16/2015 Woods County, Oklahoma severe storms

1,2,3) Shots of a large, rotating wall cloud on a severe thunderstorm over Woods County, Oklahoma west of Waynoka.

4,5,6,7) Close up shots of strong rotation in the wall cloud along with a funnel cloud.


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