5/25/2015 Gatesville, TX Tornado and Flooding B-Roll

Footage of tornado west side of Gatesville, TX and flash flooding.

All footage shot on May 25, 2015 during afternoon daylight in/near Gatesville, TX.

Shot List:

1. wide shot of tornadic supercell over Gatesville, TX

2 & 3. shots of tornado on West side of Gatesville, TX

5/24/2015 Johnson City Kansas Severe Thunderstorm Sunset Lightning

Johnson City, Kansas has a severe thunderstorm roll through the town this late evening of Sunday, May 24, 2015. On the back side of the storm it was lit up by a lot of cloud to ground, inter cloud, and cloud to cloud lightning.

5/242015 Lamar, CO Supercell Timelapse

Timelapse of the Lamar, CO supercell...This was Gopro footage with 30x timelapse of the developing supercell with multiple wall clouds and funnels.

5/23/2015 La Junta CO Severe Storms.

Footage of dramatic gustnadoes and large rotating wall cloud with tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm near La Junta, CO. Large severe weather outbreak from Colorado to Texas with dangerous storms with lightning, high winds, tornadoes, and flooding rains.

5/23/2015 Salina Kansas Heavy Rain Street Flooding

Salina, Kansas as greeted with a line of storms with heavy rain right after the lunch hour on Saturday, May 23, 2015. This line of storms produced heavy rains with some street flooding.

1. Slow approach driving shot of a lady mowing her lawn in heavy rain outside of Salina, KS

5/22/2015 Eastern, CO Wall Cloud and Hail B-Roll

The first of two severe weather days commenced Friday afternoon into the evening as numerous storms blew up across eastern Colorado. The storms prompted severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings as they slowly moved across the eastern plains.

5/20/2015 Sonora Texas Severe Storms and Lightning

Severe storms rolled through Eldorado, Texas this evening producing heavy rain, wind, hail, and vivid lightning.

Shot Sheet

1, 2) Driving into Eldorado, Texas underneath a severe storm.

3) Gust front in the distance with lightning striking.


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