11/19/2014 Jackson, MI Continued Snows & Cold

Snows and cold continue across southern Michigan where Winter Weather Advisories remain in effect with another 2-4 inches of snow possible through Thursday morning.  Wind chills in the single digits and teens have been common through the day as gusty winds prevail.

Scene 1: Traffic on snow covered roads.

Scene 2: Students walking to Baker College campus.

11/19/2014 Lancaster, NY Cleanup B-Roll

Footage & Sound bites of RECORD-BREAKING snow cleanup, measurements, & locals in Lancaster, NY following record-breaking Lake Effect Snow event. Shots of \"Penguin Man\", bull dozers in \"snow canyon streets\", massive snow cornices on houses, buried car, and measuring the deep snow. Lancaster was reported by NWS to have 63 inches of snow accumulation from the storm.

11/19/2014 Stearns County, MN Blowing Snow & Snow Clean Up B-Roll

Over a week after the brutal snow storm that dumped over a foot and a half of snow on central Minnesota, the area is still cleaning up. Now more blowing and drifting snow is falling on the region as crews work to get ready for next weeks major snow event.

Clip 1 Blowing snow with a treeline.

Clip 2 Blowing snow over a road.

Clip 3 Blowing snow and a stop sign.

11/19/2014 Lockport, NY Lake Effect Snow B-Roll

Footage of record-breaking lake effect snow band from Lake Erie continuing to bury areas of western New York including town of Lockport.
Whiteout conditions in very heavy snow band creating dangerous traveling conditions.

All footage shot during daylight on morning of November 19, 2014 in Lockport, NY

1.Pushed-in shot of Several National Guard HUMV vehicles in heavy falling snow

11/18/2014 East Aurora, NY Stranded Cars Lake Effect Snow B-Roll

New footage from East Aurora, NY of the massive lake effect of snow event.

All shots during morning daylight in & near East Aurora, NY on November 18, 2014

Shot List:

11/18/2014 Kansas City, MO Record Shattering Low Temps

Kansas City, MO is not escaping from the cold with temps more in line for the middle of January, not Mid November.

11/18/2014 Grand Rapids, MI Morning Lake Effect Snow Continues B-Roll

The lake effect snow band that has been pounding central Michigan, continues today as more snow falls on the area.

11/17/2014 Grand Rapids, MI Night Time Lake Effect Winter Storm B-Roll

Night shots of heavy lake-effect snowfall in Grand Rapids/East Grand Rapids, Michigan. Snowfall rates of 1-2\" per hour were occurring at the time this video was recorded. Video consists of vehicles driving slowly through snow bands, people outside in the elements, all video was shot after sunset (i.e. dark). Raw VO 2:37

11/17/2014 Douglas County, MN Blowing Snow B-Roll

With cold temps and winds blowing over 30 miles per hour, Mid November is feeling more like Mid January in central Minnesota. For the first time in years, Lake Osakis, has frozen over before Thanksgiving.

Clip 1 VO talking about the black ice on Interstate 94 with the blowing snow.

Clip 2 Black ice on Interstate 94


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