4/23/2014 Meade County Kansas Funnel Cloud and Hail B-Roll

***A beautiful low precipitation supercell produces a small funnel, up to golf ball sized hail, and jaw dropping storm structure over southwest Kansas.***

Shot List

1) Funnel cloud

2) Storm structure right before the storm goes severe warned.

3) Hail falling on the highway.

4) Hail falling in the grass.

5) Updraft base on a severe thunderstorm.

4/23/2014 Hobart, OK Slow Motion Lightning

Part of the TX/OK/KS severe weather outbreak. Footage shot in the town of Hobart, Oklahoma, about 90 miles west/southwest of Oklahoma City.

Scenes 1-2: Shots of lightning taken at 480 frames-per-second, one with a wind farm in the frame and another with a water tower.

Scene 3: Quick timelapse of storm with hail core.

Scene 4: Panning shot of storm structure.

4/23/2014 Harmon County, OK Wind Driven Large Hail B-Roll

A long-track supercell developed as part of a small regional severe weather outbreak. This storm formed in the southeastern Texas Panhandle and crossed into Oklahoma as a hailer, dumping copious amount of wind-driven hail up to golfball sized and accumulated that hail several inches deep on area roads. This storm system is a teaser to what is expected to be a very active weekend across the Plains.

4/23/2014 Storm Chasing Live Chase Preview Page.

Today several of the crews are out chasing in Western Oklahoma and the Eastern Texas Panhandle region.   Below is a list of the public streams.

Below is the feed from Juston Drake and Simon Brewer.

4/23/2014 Tony Laubach Texas Panhandle Storm Chase - Live

4/18/2014 Western, MN High Winds B-Roll

Video Package highlighting the very strong and gusting winds near the wind advisory areas of far western Minnesota and eastern South Dakota.

Video includes:

1-2. Footage of roofing shingles being blown back

3. Blow up Easter Bunnies being thrown and tossed around in the 40MPH winds.

4.POV of the blowing Easter Bunny

4/18/2014 Tampa Bay, FL Thunderstorm Storm B-Roll

A strong thunderstorm hits Tampa Bay Florida and looks like a tropical storm. Near zero visibility in wind driven rain and waves coming over the causeways at the Skyway bridge area at Tampa Bay.

4/16/2014 Central Minnesota Evening Winter Storm BRoll

After almost all of the snow from this winter had melted and the lakes were beginning to open up from being covered in ice, the latest snowstorm just dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of central Minnesota.

4/16/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Winter Storm B-Roll

Another major winter storm system is impacting the central Minnesota region this afternoon with heavy wet snow. While the heart of the Twin Cities metro area is escaping this latest winter storm system, the northwest suburbs are taking the full brunt of the storm in the Saint Cloud, MN area.

4/15/2014 Herrin, IL Unseasonably Chilly - BRoll

Unseasonably cool weather has filtered into southern Illinois in the wake of a weekend cold front that brought over a half inch of rain over the weekend. While the sun was out and it looked deceptively mild, chilly temps and a brisk wind made it feel very un-Spring like.

4/15/2014 Iowa City, Iowa - Lunar Eclipse B-Roll

A full Lunar Eclipse creates a surreal scene over the Old Capitol building in down town Iowa City. Students from the university brave the 30 degree cold to view the rare sight as photographers take advantage of the beautiful foreground of the Old Capitol building.

Scene 1: A photographer braves the cold for the perfect Moon shot.

Scene 2: Photographer working camera.


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